Author: Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, LC

We love Jesus. Jesus loved us first. I want to help you experience Jesus and become his apostle. I'm a priest with the Legionaries of Christ ordained in 2013, living in the Washington DC metro area where I'm writing a doctoral thesis in moral theology and I help out with various ministries. I'm also one of the top priests on social media with over 55,000 Twitter followers. I'm originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but I've worked throughout North America.

Hesitate Before Saying “Heretic” on Disputed Questions

We must distinguish a difference in opinion on theological, liturgical, or philosophical matters from heresy. It goes completely against charity to call someone a heretic in such cases. I see this far too much online. Often those with more study in the error are able to avoid this error of uncharity, but recently I saw several who have advanced degrees in these topics making this issue. I want to briefly point to that issue and then briefly discuss the topic more generally.

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