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I read every submission here. However, I don’t have time to answer all inquiries and sometimes I can fall behind quite a bit. Here are some suggestions before you write below:

  • If you want me to come to talk to your parish, conference, podcast, etc.; please just put details below. As a general rule if it involves travel, I usually need at least 3 months’ notice. (Obviously, a lot less for a podcast or local activity.) I need travel covered and a stipend, but my goal is to help the community with expenses not to get rich off it. I am open to talking or consulting on topics I cover. Some examples:
    • Moral theology (including covering tough issues so pastors don’t have to like I suggested here, explaining points on moral theology like remote cooperation, or analyzing specific acts like vaccines; I can also be a consultant for specific moral analysis of important issues)
    • Autism and Christianity (I have a book coming out in 2022 on autism and prayer; although most other topics are pretty strictly Catholic, I am open to speaking to other Christians on this and can avoid points of disagreement – here’s an example of a talk I planned for a mainly Protestant conference canceled due to COVID)
    • Reading the news with Catholic eyes
    • Catholic social media (either a talk, like on the good and bad, or consulting on doing it well)
  • If you want the sensory-friendly Mass directory updated, please provide a link tot he parish page where the Mass is mentioned and provide the location (Google Maps link woks best).
  • If you are looking for Catholic teaching on a topic, I’d suggest that you first try Googling with “ OR OR site” added to your search. You can submit below if you are not sure after trying that. I like helping in this regard but don’t have a ton of time.
  • If you want me to read something you wrote, please explain how it fits into this blog or my other projects.
  • If you want to republish my posts, there are two possibilities. First, if you just want to quote 100 or so words, I hereby grant full permission so long as you clearly link to the full article. This is whether a personal blog or a professional news organization. You can post here to inform me. Second, if you want to republish the whole article (or the majority of it), translate it, or have me move it to your site, please fill out the form below.

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