God Loves the Autistic Mind on EWTN Bookmark

Back on Halloween, I was at EWTN and recorded episodes for two shows. At Home with Jim and Joy went live later that week. EWTN Bookmark just went live recently. I was really impressed by Doug Keck’s preparation. You can’t really see it on the episode, but he had bookmarked and highlighted parts of the book. I really appreciate preparation as it lets us go in depth and not just repeat the same surface level stuff again.

God Loves the Autistic Mind & EWTN Bookmark images (fair use of the latter)

Doug has an autistic son himself, and he said that he really found a lot of connections in the book with his experience. His son’s preference for schedules got him praying the rosary every day.

There is more I could say, but you should go and watch yourself. You can find on EWTN On Demand and Youtube.

Doug Keck is a great interviewer. I felt comfortable and things came out well.

I hope this episode of EWTN Bookmark reaches many people and helps them see the beauty of autism, and the beauty of prayer in our connection with God.

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