Evangelizing Social Media: a 4-Part Series

I did a 4-part series on online evangelization. It might be helpful for some

Part 1: Fundamental Principles of Social Media

People have asked me for a long time to help with their social media. Many people asked assuming there is a quick easy technical fix but this often is not the case. I have made presentations on this topic several times and recorded a version done a few months ago. This version is split nicely into 4 parts and each video is 20-30 minutes with the video interspersed with the PowerPoint slides (editing took me a bit of time and hence why it’s been a few months since I gave this presentation).

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Part 2: What Does Social Media Do to Our Mind

We all know social media changes our mind, but how does it change our mindset? We’ve all probably heard a story of online bullying or about widely-shared fake news but what drives these behaviors? We know interactions on social media are different from offline, but how are they different? And how does this change us?

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Part 3: Evangelizing the Social Media Mindset & Culture

This third video in my series on Social Media moves to evangelization. In the previous two videos, we’ve discussed social media in general and how it affects us. Now we ask, what is the way to evangelize those people?

Since Social Media is now 11% of the average American’s day, that will affect them. If we want to evangelize such a culture, we need to make the Gospel intelligible to this generation, to this culture and society.

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Part 4: How to Evangelize on Social Media


Social media rewards good behavior and punishes bad behavior.

“Social networks… will benefit from the full participation of believers who desire to share the message of Jesus and the values of human dignity.” -Benedict XVI

To move social media and evangelize, we need relationships and engagement, not just put out static press releases. Lance Rosen describes it as “Sitting around the virtual campfire.”

This builds a kind of social media currency

What should we post on social media? What we post needs to be consistent and intentional. We need to post based on what the other would think rather than what we might want we’re evangelizing them not ourselves.

Religious leaders on social media have 60x the engagement per follower as other celebrities.

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Social Media (CC0 Pixabay)
Social Media (CC0 Pixabay)
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