Explaining Catholic Doctrine to Protestants (Podcast)

Last month, Ray Sexton invited me on his Lift High the Cross podcast to explain Catholic teachings to Protestants. Ray hopes to become a Lutheran pastor and interviews pastors from various Christian branches, although I was the first Catholic. He wanted to understand Catholic teachings, so I explained them in a way I hope Protestants can understand. I think so often Protestant misunderstandings of Catholic teaching lead to further issues. Let’s begin with clarity, and then hopefully move towards unity.

Here are the topics we discussed:

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  • What’s the difference between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church?
  • How do Catholics honor Mother Mary? And is she a perfect being?
  • Do Catholics believe they’re saved by works?
  • Why do Catholics disagree with Martin Luther’s take on the presence of the Eucharist?
  • Do Catholics believe protestants aren’t Christians?
  • Is the Pope infallible?
  • Did Jesus Christ start the Roman Catholic Church?
  • Why can’t Catholic priests get married?

I hope this podcast helps Protestants understand our beliefs even if they don’t accept them.

Here is the podcast episode (YouTube, Spotify).

If you want to have me on your podcast, I am generally open to it. Please use the contact form.

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