Stephen Hawking: Only the Christian View of God Makes Sense

Although Stephen Hawking is an atheist. His attack on God would seem to exclude almost every conception of God but not exclude the Christian God. I wrote about this:

Stephen Hawking speaking to NASA (Public domain)

There are many different views of God. Hawking tries to argue against God’s existence but ends up leaving the Christian view of God as the only possible one.

Many philosophers and non-Christian religions have a different concept of God from Christianity. Spinoza and Hegel identified God with nature. Other Modern Philosophers define it as something merely existing in our brains, or something necessary for morality. Most pagam religions have multiple Gods. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam instead believe in a God who is completely outside and above the universe as we know it.

Let’s read some things from Hawking’s book, then compare them to various views of God.

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