Fetal Cell Lines Are Not Continual Theft From the Fetus (2/3 on Fr. Ripperger)

I wrote a second piece on Ripperger that directly points out that his central argument does not hold water. It is posted over on Patheos.

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Not theft (CC0 pixabay with X added by me)

This is the second in a three-part series analyzing Fr. Chad Ripperger on COVID-19 vaccines. If you have not read the first one, it might be good to review it. I base these posts on a podcast interview on Sensus Fidelium where he lays out bad information repeatedly. This post will focus on the argument that vaccines using fetal cell lines in production or testing are committing a “continual theft” and are thus proximate, or barely remote, cooperation in evil. […]

14:07: He specifically refers to a vaccine “which contains something that could be morally compromised.”

14:30: His big question: “Is the vaccination carrying the moral quality of the abortion in relationship to the vaccination itself? That’s the real issue.” It is an important question but not quite the right question as a better question is whether the quality is proximate, barely remote, or extremely remote?

If you want to see my response to Ripperger’s errors, go read it over there.

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