Scientific Errors Lead to Moral Errors Re: Vaccines (3/3 on Fr. Ripperger)

The third post on Fr. Ripperger’s errors.

Covid vaccine and test (CC0 pixabay)

This is the third and final post on Fr. Ripperger and vaccines in his podcast interview. The first focused on his problem with failing to identify the object of most vaccination as immunization. The second focused on his bad argument that fetal cell lines are continual theft. Both had issues with bad science and bad sourcing. This last post will bring out moral errors coming from scientific errors even clearer.

This piece will focus on bad scientific info about types of COVID vaccines, poor choice of sources overall, and his incorrect info on COVID mortality. After that, there will be a number of more minor issues that come up near the end of the podcast. These include preventative health, grave matter, lack of self-reflection, mandatory vaccines, and the Pope’s encouragement of giving vaccines to the poor.

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