From Founding a Startup to Deloitte to the Convent

I translated an amazing story from Spanish on Patheos:

Monserrat Medina with her Deloitte Partners (from Religión en Libertad)
Monserrat Medina with her Deloitte Partners (from Religión en Libertad)

Montserrat Medina Martínez was an up-and-coming woman in Spanish business. Despite being only 36, she has gone from success to success professionally. With a scholarship from Stanford, she created a Silicon Valley startup that she later sold to Pay Pal for several million and despite her youth, she was signed as a Deloitte partner. Fame, money, international recognition… She had everything, except happiness. After a time of discernment, she saw that God was calling her to use her talents in a different manner: she decided to leave everything and enter an Augustinian convent as a contemplative nun.

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