My Autism Prayer Book in Publishers Weekly

Sr. Maria Grace, FSP, who is working with me at Pauline Press on my book on prayer for autistics told me about an article mentioning my book in Publishers Weekly. It was in an article about faith-based books in general and has mine mentioned below in the text of the article. I also include two endorsements posted online. I hope this book will help others.

Publishers Weekly

Me in my Autistic Catholic shirt

The article begins:

After nearly two years of a pandemic, economic disruption, mass shootings, political unrest, climate change, and so much more, religion and spirituality publishers are turning to books that speak to the deeper, more difficult issues of life and faith in the coming year. Tim Paulson, v-p and publisher at Nelson Books, says authors are just now embarking on book tours once again, but the pandemic has had lasting effects on the business, as well as on the kinds of books being published. “We’re beginning to see the market move into a more normal position, but it’s decidedly a ‘new normal,’ with next-stage pandemic themes predominating,” he notes.

Persistent subjects include “what it means to be resilient, particularly as people struggle to get back to the way things were,” Paulson adds. “As always, projects that can find the deep needs in the moment will succeed.”

Later it lists my book:

For those on the spectrum and their friends, families, and faith communities, Pauline will offer God Loves the Autistic Mind: A Prayer Guide for Those on the Spectrum and Those Who Love Us (Apr.) by Matthew Schneider, a Catholic priest with autism.

Social Media Endorsements

At the same time, I recently sent out the manuscript for endorsements. I got endorsements from key people known in the autism and/or Christian community. Most will come out later but a few posted them on social media.

Hopefully, this book will help mank autistic people and others know Jesus better. I know Publishers Weekly is not the most exciting source, but it can be important in getting the book out there.

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