Top 10 Posts of 2021

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Here are the top-10 most viewed posts I wrote in 2021. There seem to be a lot of posts on vaccines, with posts on Pope Francis coming in second. A few are completely unrelated to those two themes like the wonderful vocation story. I did not set out to do this, but these seem to be the most viewed posts. My doctoral thesis is on privacy and so I often think most about these posts even though they get fewer views. “Electronic Privacy and Fidelity” seemed to get the most views among those and was still barely over half the views of #10 here. I also think a lot about autism and Catholicism, but it seems most of my posts on that were reposts of podcasts I did: “Autism Awareness Day on Good Friday” was the top autism post and got even less than the top privacy post.

10. Aquinas: Some Sins Worse Than Sexual Sins

This piece examined some people who misunderstood Pope Francis when he described how some sins are worse than sexual sins. The Pope was just paraphrasing Aquinas

9. Covaxin: A Vaccine We Can All Get Behind

This piece examined a vaccine that might help some Catholics vaccinate. It is not tested on fetal cell lines and uses a more traditional method.

8. Imprudence & Imprecision on Vaccines & Mandates

This piece looked at some early statements on vaccine mandates by Catholic authorities. It pointed out some imprecision and imprudence in them.

7. Catholics, Promoting Conspiracy Theories Harms Our Cause

This piece points to the issue of credibility. If Catholics are so credulous to wacky conspiracy theories, then the truth of the faith seems less credible to outsiders.

6. Anti-Vaccine Catholics Break Moral Theology Principles

A reply to an article on COG for Life about vaccine ethics. It helped me clarify my position a little, but the logic was not convincing on the central points.

5. From Founding a Startup to Deloitte to the Convent

This is the inspiring vocation story of a young woman who was a high-flying professional and gave it all up to become a nun. I translated the Story from Spanish.

4. Did the Pope Say the Commandments are Relative?

Some People misunderstood what the Pope was saying. Pope Francis was saying that what is most absolute in our lives is Jesus. We obey the commandments for the sake of Jesus, not for their own sake.

3. Fr. Ripperger: Almost All Vaccines Are Illicit in Their Object

I did a three-part series on the errors Fr. Chad Ripperger had in a podcast. This first part got by far the most views. Ripperger misidentifies the object of the act of vaccination which makes his moral analysis rather weak.

2. Issues with (Br) Alexis Bugnolo, Ordo Militaris & FromRome

Alexis Bugnolo has made a bunch of claims in the past and about COVID. However, the foundation upon which he builds these is really weak. I pointed out the fundamental errors he has which make him an unreliable source.

1. If Any Drug Tested on HEK-293 Is Immoral, Goodbye Modern Medicine

This post got by far the most views of any posted in 2021. I wrote it as a follow-up to a 2020 piece called “12 Things Less-Remote Cooperation in Evil Than COVID Vaccines.” (If I just counted which pots got most views in 2021, this would be in the top ten here but is from mid-December 2020.) These articles point out what people would have to do to be consistent in rejecting COVID vaccines for moral grounds. #6 above and a few others that got some views but not quite top-10 were replying to those who critiqued this.

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