Fr. Matthew Schneider on Take2 on EWTN Radio

Back in late June, I did an interview with Jerry and Debbie of EWTN’s radio program Take2. It was a pre-record for when they were on vacation or unable to record live for a day. They played it on the radio just last Friday. I think some of you might enjoy.

I think it was really good and focused more on parents and families of autistic individuals than most of my interviews. Here is the audio and the page on EWTN.

Link to the episode page on EWTN.

Hopefully, this can help some of you, especially parents and families of autistic individuals. Enjoy.

The podcast is about an hour long and I’m the guest for almost the whole time so Take2 does go a little more in-depth than some other shorter interviews.

The banner from the Take2 page (fair use)
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