Aut-ish Podcast on Autism & Religion

Back in November, I recorded a podcast with an autistic podcaster out of the UK who goes by Onikage online. Her podcast is called Aut-ish. When looking for autism podcasts, I found hers to often have some of the more interesting conversations, and I hope the one we had is no exception. Onikage notes she is not religious even though she has a Christian background.

I think this episode would help out those who want to learn about autistic pryer or talk about autistic inclusion in religion more broadly and not just in a Catholic context. Having some relationship with a higher power is important for human flourishing. This applies to all, not just Catholics. I hope it helps others.

Here is the Aut-ish site with all the links & a transcript. You can also find this episode on SpotifyItunes or Google Podcasts.

I have mainly appeared on Catholic podcasts, but I think the issues around autistic prayer and including autistics goes much wider. If you are a religious or autistic podcaster who would like to have someone like me on, please use the contact form here or message me on social media.

Cover image for the this episode of the aut-ish podcast
Cover image for the this episode of the aut-ish podcast (fair use)
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