Discovering I was a “Catholic Hipster” before that was a thing!

I wrote a book review on Aleteia:

In The Catholic Hipster Handbook, writer Mary Rezac has a chapter on buying from the local farmer’s markets as a way of living the principle of subsidiarity, but she doesn’t go to the extreme of starting your own organic farm. Looking back on my life, I think I might have been a hardcore Catholic hipster for a while — especially the 3 years before entering religious life.  At 16, my parents moved the family out of the city to a farm, which they turned organic.

Around that time, I began taking my faith seriously through media but Canada was, then, something of a Catholic media desert. I discovered I could listen to EWTN on shortwave, so I would go to bed listening to “Life on the Rock” rebroadcasts. The Catholic Hipster Handbook has a chapter on Catholic radio, too.

Yes, I was a Catholic hipster before it was a thing!

Read the rest over at Aleteia.

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