Traditional or Progressive, Conservative or Liberal Are Misleading Regarding Religions

After hearing foreign terms for religious life many times, I finally wrote my thoughts into an article.

Isn’t it time to stop labeling religious communities with alien terms?

I always wonder what commentators mean when they say a religious community is traditional or progressive, conservative or liberal. Why do we bring these foreign terms into religious life and the Church?

There obviously are different types of religious communities.

A contemplative community is different from an active one; a preaching community is different from one dedicated to serving the poor; a community might follow an Ignatian or Franciscan spirituality; it might be charismatic or do the liturgy in Latin; it might do mental prayer together in adoration or leave it for each to do on his own; and many other divisions that distinguish the hundreds of religious communities around the globe.

But none of these things make them “traditional” or “progressive,” “conservative” or “liberal.”

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One comment

  1. Very good, Father. Never thought about the fact that Religious societies are being labeled along with society in general. I wonder who is so successfully labeling all …..

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