The #1 Secret to Reverse Parish Closings

We need to look at how the church is changing for good and bad and move all of it towards the good. I noted a few things in regard to parish closings:

Black & White Image of Parish Steeple (CC0)
Black & White Image of Parish Steeple (CC0)

Some dioceses are facing a serious issue with reductions in clergy and parishes. Take this recent report on Pittsburgh:

“The Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh counts 632,138 people as members of its fold, though less than a quarter of those congregants attend Mass weekly. Half of the diocese’s 188 parishes are running operating deficits. And the diocese anticipates the number of active diocesan priests to drop 50 percent within seven years, to 112.” […]

Nonetheless, when we look at the factors causing parish decline, they point back to a common theme. Fortunately, we can change the course of parish closing by changing this. Let’s examine 5 causes. […]

So, in summary, beyond inevitable or demographic changes, the main thing we need to do to reverse parish-closings is to really help EVERY Catholic realize their BAPTISMAL COMMITMENT to be ACTIVE APOSTLES at the service of the Church.

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