Dealing with Autistic Sensory Issues at Mass

This is a YouTube viedo on sensory issues at Mass, with a blog post summarizing it on Patheos.

Autistic Sensory issues video title card

Following in my series of videos on autism and Catholicism, today I address issues surrounding Mass. The experience of Mass can be a horrible sensory experience for autistics. I want to present some ideas on how both autistics and parishes can overcome these issues.

Autistics at Mass

In the video, I talk about various ways we autistics can deal with sensory issues at Mass. I note specific Masses that can help, strategies for autistics, and when sensory issues exempt one from their Sunday obligation.

This video covers the basics regarding getting to Mass as an autistic Catholic. We all need the Eucharist regularly. Jesus asks us this commitment of coming to say “I love you” each Sunday.

You can view the blog post or video over there.

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