Electronic Privacy and Fidelity

I wrote a long piece about privacy in response to the Burril Case on Patheos.

After The Pillar’s expose on Msgr. Burrill using Grindr, there have been a whole bunch of people claiming this was a breach of privacy. As a person writing a doctoral thesis on privacy in Catholic theology, I’ve thought about this a bit since then. I think there are some privacy issues with the whole situation, but I think a lot of the concerns are misguided.

Sorry, this is coming out a bit late: so many thoughts on this were running through my head that it was hard to systematize my thoughts. I am trying to make something that is readable by the average reader but also contains sufficient sources for more academically minded readers, which is a real challenge. I hope that despite being long, most can read it easily. (I have extensive academic footnotes, but they are shortened for space and readability. Please help me with additional key sources if you know of them.)

Cell phone with connections (CC0 pixabay)
Cell phone with connections (CC0 pixabay)

Read the rest over there.

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