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Back in November, I was at the de Nicola Center’s annual Fall Conference at Nore Dame. I presented on human dignity and privacy focusing on the social encyclicals, Alan Westin, and John Paul II. Ken Hallenius, one of the people working at the de Nicola Center, invited me to record an episode for the center’s podcast, the Ethics and Culture Cast. We spoke mainly about two topics. First, we covered the theology of privacy, which is my doctoral thesis. Second, sharing the faith online via social media.

It was great to talk about these issues as I think they are important in the Church and society. Even though it was recorded back in November, It was posted online recently.

It is episode 64 on their feed.

This is a slightly more intellectual podcast than many of the others I’ve done. It might be a little much for some of you, but I think a lot of you will find this interview helpful.

Here’s a link to the podcast site, so you can find it on your favorite player. And here is a link to the specific episode I was on.

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