16 Last-Minute Sacrifices for Lent

Cross and Crown of Thorns
Cross and Crown of Thorns (CC0 Photo by Ismael Paramo on Unsplash)

All of us adult Catholics probably now have a habit of giving up something for Lent or doing something extra to grow spiritually. We should offer a little sacrifice to unite ourselves with Jesus and to prepare for Holy Week. Some people have the same thing they give up every year but those of us who vary year to year can sometimes get to the last minute before we have our resolutions nailed down. This is a repost of something I posted 3 years ago: a few accounts have one offline or gone private since 2019, so those will just be shown as quotations.

I jokingly posted about offering up eating kale every day (as I dislike it).

On a more serious note, I asked for ideas for things to give up or add on for Lent and my friends and followers gave some great suggestions (over 250 suggestions).

Giving up for Lent

A few want to give up addictive substances.

Quit smoking. My husband and I. It’s been 40 years. Pray for us.

— Jeannie Louise �� (@Jeannielouise64)

Thinking that i am going to give up alcohol

— Jen McHughBarker (@JMcHughBarker)

This man is giving up meat completely.

No meat, including fish. Weekly fast days. Weekly holy hour. Turn off computer and phone an hour earlier at night for prayer and meditation.

— Michael S. Miller (@MSMillerNYC)

Several had variations on giving up social media.

No social media.I need to abstain from negativity.I find that there is more negativey than good in social media.This is why I enjoy Catholic twitter but even that can still be negative if you don’t fit in. It’s time to replenish myself with pure soul food.Prayer,sacrifice,penance

— Alondra Jiménez (@alondra_here)

This year, I am limiting my social media (as I think I contribute something, I’m not giving it up completely).

limiting TV during Lent.

Simplifying food.

Giving up one thing you own permanently every day of Lent.

I’m giving up social media and starting a “give away” box that I’ll put one thing I own in it a day. Then I’m also doing @pursuedbytruth devotional and trying to go to adoration more!

— random Catholic Chick (@Catholic_Chick1)

Adding on for Lent

Resolving to get to daily Mass.

Adding the Liturgy of the Hours.

Early rising to get prayer time in.

Several people mentioned this new book by Sr. Theresa Aletheia, FSP.

Another interesting book to read for Lent.

Adding an hour of prayer a day, fasting, and following a pocket book of Lent with Padre Pio:) I was in Israel last year during Lent, so I hope to eat, and pray the same way I did when I was out there:)

— Sarah (@sarahdiane_jss)

A third option if you are looking for a book for Lent.

Making a new space to pray in the house.

I’m making a prayer space in my room. I don’t know what else though.

— Krista Pylkki (@kristapylkki)

Make Your Lenten Resolution Today

I hope these ideas help you come up with a last-minute resolution. If not, 200 people posted what they are giving up in this thread so there may be other ideas for you there. Each of us should do something in Lent that makes us more like Jesus calls us to be. It’s good to decide right at the beginning of Lent so we don’t end up a week in still deciding on our resolution.

This is a repost of something I posted 3 years ago.

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