God Loves the Autistic Mind Reviewed in US Catholic Magazine

Bri Rooke wrote a short review of my book in an article of what they are reading for July 2022 in US Catholic. I will quote some of it below but you can read it all over there.

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US Catholic Logo (fair use)

Written by an autistic Catholic for Catholics with autism, God Loves the Autistic Mind is what the Catholic neurodivergent community has needed. [..]

Schneider deconstructs historical misconceptions of autism—that it can be “prayed away” or is caused by sin—then explains what it really is: just a different way of approaching the world. He writes, “In our own lives, [people with autism] often bring more things with us than other people do,” things like stimming or flapping or struggling to read social cues. Even though this approach to life is different than many people’s, he emphasizes this approach as positive.

Schneider invites people with autism into church spaces where they’ve been excluded. He cherishes the autistic identity, gives tips for navigating overstimulating Masses, and explains how to serve God in ways that work for individual brains.

I hope this review helps you. If you want to order the book, here is where it is available.

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