#ThanksPontifex Twitter Storm – February 28, 7:45 UPDATED x2!

Benedict XVI
Benedict XVI

Updates at the bottom! (last: 3pm February 25)

Pope Benedict has taught each of how to love Jesus just a little more. By resigning he is showing us humility. Let’s show our gratitude by starting a Twitter Storm when he steps down. I need lots of participation, we need to send off thousands of Tweets to succeed. The goal is to have multiple terms trend globally.

I wanted to tell teens who may not otherwise be reached about the Pope and I thought that if we could occupy some of the top 10 trending terms on twitter, we might get some attention. If you have a twitter account, you can take part by writing tweets beforehand, writing live tweets, or retweeting like crazy.

Since his resignation is at 8pm Rome time, I think scheduling it right about then would be best. I’m going to schedule tweets and be on retweeting from 7:45 to 8:15 (assuming there is not a celebration in St. Peter’s Square which I may go to).

Some have suggested we start getting it trending on the 27 and try for all day and focus even more on the exact moment he steps down.

There is no sign-up for this activity, anyone can join. I want to post some instructions here.

8pm Rome Time Is…

7pm in the UK

2pm in EST (New York, Detroit, Miami)

1pm in CST (Chicago, Dallas, Winnipeg)

noon in MST (Calgary, Denver)

11am in PST (LA, Vancouver, Seattle)

What Terms? What’s Trending?

Twitter Trends
Twitter Trends

Whenever you go on Twitter, there are the top ten hashtags trending globally on the left (see image). These have all kinds of meanings. I’ve seen everything from #JustinBeiberFollowMe to #StopTaiji (which is a dolphin hunt in Japan) trend to the top. while I was on. Nobody knows the formula but it seems that overused terms are disqualified from trending. People use #FB for Facebook all the time but it is never on the “trending” list.

We have to get one hashtag trending to the top before switching.

Here is my suggested list to include. Each followed by a sample tweet (I think trending works better if have slightly different tweets so change them up; I am keeping them well below 140 characters so each can add a little):

First: #ThanksPontifex

#ThanksPontifex for almost 8 years leading the #Catholic Church

#ThanksPontifex for being a faithful witness to Christ

#ThanksPontifex for building up the Catholic Faith

#ThanksPontifex for your humility @pontifex

#ThanksPontifex you are in my prayers. #Pope #Catholic #BenedictXVI

Second: #PontifexThanks

Third: #TYBenedictXVI

Fourth: #ThanksBenedictXVI

If you know the following Languages:

#GraciasPontifex – #GraciasPontifex por su servicio a la Iglesia #Catolica. #Papa

#GraziePontifex – #GraziePontifex per tutto ciò che ha fatto per la Chiesa. #Papa

#GratiasPontifici – #GratiasPontifici eras Papa vero in tempis duris.

How to Schedule Tweets

There are a number of programs that schedule Tweets. Each program is slightly different, but they all basically ask you to write a tweet then set a time. (You want to set most for 7:45 to 8:15pm Rome time Thursday.) I use Buffer every day, and I think the others listed here work. Buffer is a little different: rather than scheduling each one, you set the times you will tweet on one tab then post a list of tweets to go out at those times in another.

Buffer: bufferapp.com

Future Tweets: futuretweets.com

Unfollwers.me includes scheduled tweets: unfollowers.me

All in one apps that include scheduled tweets:

HootSuite:  hootsuite.com

TweetDeck: tweetdeck.com

Please add more ideas, more model tweets, etc. in the comments. I will update this.


10:30am February 24th:

1. I am making a twitter distribution list of those who participate. You can get yourself on by tweeting so to @22catholic (just scroll back up to my first widget). You can see the list or subscribe here.

2. So it is clear, we want #ThanksPontifex to trend throughout the 27th and 28th, then try to get some of the other terms trending right when he steps down. You can also add @pontifex to any tweets

3. I fixed up the foreign language stuff. I wrote this as #ThankYouBenedictXVI but some friends more fluent in Twitterish suggested #ThanksPontifex.

4. Some other have suggested more tweets in comments:

#ThanksPontifex You are a faithful servant. Go in peace.

#ThanksPontifex May the Peace of Our Risen Lord Permeate every ounce of your Precious & Beautiful Being.

#ThanksPontifex I Love You Forever

#ThanksPontifex I Pray That You May Be Filled With Holy Boldness!!!

#ThanksPontifex Father, you have shown over the years how gentle of a spirit you possess…

#ThanksPontifex You Have Always Demonstrated Goodwill, Compassion,And Willingness in your travels throughout the world. Thank You…

#ThanksPontifex Humility, gift of self, following God’s will … Father, this is you… God Bless You In Abundance!

#ThanksPontifex You have been a willing and very able servant. We thank you for your strong leadership and ability to stand for truth.

#ThanksPontifex May You Be Embraced With LOVE Throughout The World Through Our Global Tweets As One Solid Catholic Family!

3pm February 25th:

1. The list of participants has reached over 200 and several promise more such as a teacher promising that students will be part.

2. A few more model tweets from the comments

#ThanksPontifex Our God will never live you alone

#ThanksPontifex we are in debt to you for all eternity.

#ThanksPontifex May our Blessed Mother continue to bless you and guide you. We love you.

#ThanksPontifex for being a faithful witness to Christ. We will always love you Pope #Benedict XVI

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  1. Thank you Pope Benedict for being a good leader in the Catholic church. Please help us pray always to Jesus.

  2. Grazie mille!!! We love you as much as you love and embrace the Church. You will always be with us in prayers. May God abide in you always.

  3. Thank you Pope Benedict XVI. By your example you have shown us that there is a time when we must let go and we are not here permanently . I pray all leaders around the world both spiritual and political learn from your example. I know you will continue to pray for your flock. Will miss you.

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