31,742 #ThanksPontifex Tweets

Pope helicopter at St Peter's

I want to write this small note to thanks everyone who helped to thank our Pope (Emeritus) Benedict XVI with #ThanksPontifex. Topsy tells me we sent out 31,742 messages with the #ThanksPontifex hashtag, with 3,971 right at the hour he ceased to be Pope. At that point, #ThanksPontifex was trending 3rd in the USA. Many people with tailored trends had it trending #1 on the 27th and for a long time on the 28th. Cardinal Wuerl even thanked the Pope with #ThanksPontifex.

I need to thank everyone who helped with this. One person, let alone one with under 2,000 followers, could not have done this alone. I want to thank those who wrote it on blogs,  those who sent out a dozen messages, and even one woman who created a twitter account just to send one tweet as part of it.

There are thousands of reasons to thank Benedict XVI and I won’t enumerate them here, go on twitter and search it.

For those of you who need some images (Screenshots from Topsy & Twitter). The graph of the 27th:

ThanksPontifex Topsy 7am feb 28

The graph of the 28th:

ThanksPontifex Topsy 7am Mar 1

Where #ThanksPontifex appeared on trends.

ThanksPontifex Trends 8pm feb28      ThanksPontifex Trends 9pm feb27

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