Tweet #PrayTheRosary this Saturday at 1pm EST

PrayTheRosary TwitterstormOn May 3rd, Pope Francis tweeted: “It would be a good idea, during May, for families to say the Rosary together. Prayer strengthens family life.” When I read it, I said to myself, “I can promote the rosary, but how?” Since we organized the #ThanksPontifex twitterstorm a few months back, I figured we could try again. It should help those who pray to find solidarity and if we can get it trending, it will remind others to pray.

The scheduled time is 1pm EST this Saturday, May 11. As soon as it hits the hour, begin tweeting #PrayTheRosary. In other time zones, that’s:

Central (Chicago, Texas): Noon

Mountain (Denver, Calgary): 11am

Pacific (Seattle. LA): 10am

UK & Ireland: 6pm

To help with the second goal, we need a rush of tweets. The faster the hashtag appears and has 1000s of tweets, the better it trends using Twitter’s secret formula. I noticed this when we did #ThanksPontifex: a less used term trended higher because its use came in quicker.

Update: One other way to help it trend is by retweeting. If you search #PrayTheRosary on Twitter all the tweets will come up and you can retweet them. Trending is not just the number of tweets but how who tweets and how many retweets are given.

You can tweet about why you pray, how you pray, or what you pray for; I think all of those things would help us all. #PrayTheRosary need not start a tweet as often “I #PrayTheRosary…” would be preferred. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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