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A few months ago, I heard about this great new initiative to combine a bunch of Catholic youth ministry blogs under one roof. Well the launch was Thursday November 7th, yesterday. I usually blog once a week near the beginning of the week but I delayed a great post I already wrote to appear right after the launch.

For the first few months this domain ( will simply redirect you over there. After a few months, that will stop when I stop paying the domain fees.

I’ll be shortening my blog name to #22Catholic since the whole title above doesn’t match adding “” branding. I think this adds a second meaning: Catholicism for those under 22 (even though I’m a little older); that is what Youth Ministry focuses on.

With just under 18,000 views, I guess I’m transferring this blog a little shy of my 20,000 goal.

Please keep this in your prayers. Join us at and see my new blog along with about a dozen other Catholic youth ministry bloggers.

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