Robert Lewis Dear Isn’t Pro-Life (Pro-Life = Pro-ALL-Life)

Last Saturday, Robert Lewis Dear went into a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs and committed an anti-life crime. He killed 3 people and injured 9 more with his gun. His actions were the very antithesis of everything the name “pro-life” stands for: he was killing people intentionally, violently and without justification, at least according to all reports.

Unfortunately, many in the media called him a “pro-life shooter.” I can’t think of a greater oxymoron. If you are opening fire indiscriminately, you are not pro-life. There may have been media bias, but this could also be caused by a lack of information on the media’s part. When most people hear the words “pro-life,” they immediately, and rightly, think of those who oppose abortion. This man seemed to be against abortion – he reportedly said “No more baby parts” – yet he was pro-death in other ways. Plus the media could have read a few people claiming to be “pro-life” (but were not) who tweeted things that could be construed as support like: “Look on the bright side, think about how many babies weren’t aborted today,” or “People think this is so horrendous because they don’t realize how horrendous the things that happen there every day are.”

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