The 29 Most Lit Signs at the 2017 March for Life

On Friday January 27, well over half a million gathered in Washington to commemorate 44 years since Roe v. Wade made abortion legal nationwide. (2013 was 650,000 and regulars kept telling me this was the biggest crowd ever.)

Many people held printed signs with phrases like “I Am the Pro-Life Generation,” “Stop Abortion Now,” or “[Organization or Church] Supports Life.” But what always impresses me are the handwritten signs that show a personal conviction.

I spent much of the March taking pictures of homemade signs and posting them to Twitter. The morning after, I went through and found the best of those signs for this story.

Here are 29 that I think are totally LIT! Click any for full resolution.

Unplanned Pregnancies can do great things!
No excuse for killing a child
The loving option…
MFL 10
Real social justice!
Every group can be pro-life and this man is a great example of this. (And he shows intersectionality which is a very important concept now in social justice / rights.)
I’m with Both (mom & child).
Whole life pro-life ethic.
Another post with intersectionality pointing out the racist nature of current and historical abortion practice.
Take your chances on life!
These people came all the way from Scotland to March with us.
MFL 28
Jesus loves everyone, but the Gospels show a special love for those who’ve fallen.
MFL 27
Love all women!
MFL 26
A Down Syndrome diagnosis should not be a death sentence.
MFL 25
Every life is worth saving… from someone who is vocally pro-abortion.
MFL 24
People are willing to adopt.
MFL 23
Total Nerd. This is from Dr Who (a show involving time travel) if you don’t get it.
MFL 22
We are all former fetuses.
MFL 21
Here’s a real Feminist!
MFL 11
Let’s be there for every mother.
MFL 20
Women deserve better.
MFL 19
Protect all.
MFL 18
Every person is a person… no matter the size.
MFL 17
I am a CHILD.
MFL 16
Chick-fil-A almost got a product placement.
MFL 15
The true safe space.
MFL 14
This should be what people mean when they say All Lives Matter.
MFL 13
Accept the gift.
MFL 12
A prayer from John Paul II

To conclude, I want to make a few notes:

  1. I took every picture and I got permission for those of minors.
  2. Every picture is run through an HDR filter.
  3. You can reuse these pictures on a few conditions: you give me credit (@FrMatthewLC or Fr Matthew P. Schneider, LC), send me a link via social media, and if you want to sell it or use it for advertisement ask me 1st as I want a cut.
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    1. Wow, yeah, I watched Dr. Who from the 60s (am from Ireland) and I didn’t get it straight off but… cool! Of course, there’s only one Time Lord! God bless you, Fr. Schneider. We’ll have our March in Dublin in July. Pray for us, as we do for you. You in the pro-life movement in the U.S. give us so much encouragement.

  1. That kid holding the sign “Babies are a gift from god” looks like the spawn of the devil. Thank god abortion is legal.

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