FORUM: Requiring Genetic Tests Violates Fundamental Human Rights

I posted an analysis of this issue over at ZENIT.

Requiring Genetic Tests Violates Fundamental Human RightsIn recent days, the issue of whether employers and insurers can require genetic tests has come up in both Canada and the US. In Canada, Liberal backbenchers went against their Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, to join with the other parties in passing a bill that prohibits employers or insurance companies from forcing you to do a genetic test, or punishing you if you refuse. Now the US Congress is considering a bill that would allow companies to spike your insurance 30% if you refuse a genetic test.

How does this square with Catholic teaching? I think it is the most insidious form of discrimination in the history of mankind. It proceeds subtly but has absolutely devastating effects.

Other forms of discrimination were based on what people assumed to be better genetics but when they only based it on external observable facts that at least respect people’s privacy. The Catholic Church is always been against discrimination and also believes in respect for privacy.

The doctrine on discrimination, leaves no room for doubt that we can’t discriminate against someone based on their genetics…

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