Pope Francis Wearing a Rainbow Cross? It Isn’t What You Think✝️

Some people seem to want to just find something wrong with Pope Francis. I wrote about one example:

Pope Francis wearing Rainbow Cross (from Vatican News – Fair use as the article is about the cross)
Pope Francis wearing Rainbow Cross (from Vatican News – Fair use as the article is about the cross)

This week Pope Francis wore a cross that had multiple colors on it that appear somewhat like a rainbow. Several traditional-minded Catholics posted it assuming it was in some way related to the LGBT pride flag. However, that is not the case. It is a symbol of Latin American Youth Ministry. […]

When we see the Pope using a symbol, it is worthwhile to try to understand two things before critiquing. First, what is meant? And second, what do those symbols have in that culture? In this case, the answer to the first is it represents the coming together of Latin American youth from various nations and regions. Second, I don’t think the LGBT flag has gained as much of a foothold in Latin American symbology as it has in the USA. This cross is clearly not intended as an endorsement of LGBT pride. Period. Let’s be honest in trying to understand Pope Francis and other symbols used by Catholics in other parts of the world.

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