The Limits of What a Church Can Do With a Misbehaving Priest: The Case of Fr. Tetherow

Screenshot of St Michael the Archangel Facebook showing a comment identifying the priest as Tetherow (fair use)

I feel really sad for these cases, but I think this case needs to be covered so people are not confused by him and so people can see how the Church does all she can. Here’s what I said:

Fr. Virgil Bradley Tetherow was forbidden from saying Mass and removed from the clerical state. However, he was recently celebrating Mass in public, at a rogue chapel disconnected from the Catholic Church. This story obviously has some unpleasant details: I present them because I think the story shows us some lessons, not to be salacious. The last section will give three lessons: but between here and there, I tell the story. (You can skip right to that section if you prefer.) So, what lessons does this story teach us? This story teaches us the improvements the Church has made, the limits on any punishment, and the need for vigilance.

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