Quantifying Cooperation in or Appropriation of Evil

In response to some people asking questions about the connection between abortion and vaccines, I did a little math and posted it.

“Mama” with an unborn baby (cc0 Pixabay)
“Mama” with an unborn baby (cc0 Pixabay)

Some Catholics have questions about COVID vaccines based on the very remote connection to abortion. Abortion is obviously a heinous crime and grave matter. We can never commit procured abortion, period. However, there is a huge difference between abortion the extremely remote cooperation in evil involved in vaccines.

Moral theology is not strictly quantifiable and ethical theories that reduce all to consequences alone like utilitarianism or proportionalism are condemned. Veritatis Splendor (78), against mere measuring of consequences, affirms: “The morality of the human act depends primarily and fundamentally on the ‘object’ rationally chosen by the deliberate will.”

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