My Twitter Account Was Suspended

I had my Twitter account suspended for a week
I had my Twitter account suspended for a week

I just got my twitter account back after it was suspended about a week. The biggest thing I’ve learned is humility: life can go on without me and I can go on without twitter. Or maybe I didn’t learn the 2nd half; I started a new account since I was suspended. (You can now also follow me @FrMatthewLC.)

The other thing I learned was to follow the rules. I got suspended because I was excited and followed too many people one day. It was my own fault.

The final lesson is just how big a part of our modern life, social networking has become. I felt in some way like I was missing something, even though I’ve been tweeting under a year. Being off helped me realize that this is not the most important part of life.

Please pray that I will continue to use these means of evangelization responsibly.

If you want to find out more about social media and teens, read the 3 posts I’ve made regarding it:

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