A Prayer Journal for Patrons

Prayer Journal with watermark
This is the prayer journal I designed.

All those who currently support me via Patreon and have done so for 3+ months at the $12 a month or more will get this prayer journal (minus the watermarks) for Christmas. If you supported me recently or do so in the next few months, I’ll send it after 3 months as a Patron. It will be 8″ (20cm) by 5″ (12.5cm). I just sent out the current ones but will plan on sending a few more out later as people reach the 3-month mark.

You can see the original post on my Patreon. and you can support me there. I offer a small original item for patrons $12+ every year around Christmas. Last year, it was a mug with “Jesus loves you!” on it (see it here) and this year when I gave several options in a patron’s-only poll, people wanted a prayer journal, so that’s what I designed.

Patreon currently provides the vast majority of the money I get for all my online writing. I choose not to run ads here like I had on Patheos in hopes that would encourage more to support me on Patreon.

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